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Horizon Reunion makes a point to only publish the travellers ' opinion of their clients provided they are useful for other travellers and without any insulting and abusive language (obsenity, vulgarity, racial insults, intolerant comments inciting hatred, personal insults, hostile comments and threats).
The purpose of the travellers' review is twofold :

  • A feedback that will help future travellers to prepare their holiday,
  • A means to always improve our services with a view to satisfying our clients ' needs : our local team is interested in any feedback or possible potential criticism that could help us to do better in order to always satisfy our clients.
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I typically like organising my family holiday myself, starting with listing the places the family would like to visit and activities to do. When I got in contact with Horizon for the booking of one of the first Chambres d'hôte, Clement offered to help organise our trip as availability could be challenging during Christmas and New Year holidays. It turned out we had to reverse the order of our visit, but it was possible to fit in all our wishes into one itinerary, including a 5 day Mafate trek with our sporty 11 year old daughter. The places where we stayed overnight had character, our hosts were pleasant and we learned a lot about the island in discussions over a home cooked meal, just like we wanted to discover the island. Horizon found reliable companies for the activities we wanted (canyoning, visiting lava tubes...) and with the required flexibility during the trip. Horizon listens to what you as a traveller want and offers you some of the best options based on their local knowledge: you want to stay in a chambre d'hôte in the mountains rather than a hotel at the beach, that's fine and they have the right contacts. They're available every day for support; we spoke French, but English is no problem for them (not recommended to go far of the beaten track in Reunion if you don't speak French at all though...). I highly recommend Horizon to the independent traveller who would like to get some local support in organising a trip to this beautiful island.
I have visited Reunion Island from Mauritius on June 2017, and i contacted Horizon Reunion for all my displacements in the Island during my stay. It has been the best service ever provided to me. Mr. Clement from the company was very professional, helpful and responsive to all my queries. I travelled to various countries before but Reunion was one of the best thanks to Horizon Reunion for their exemplary services. I was truly amazed by the level of professionalism. I would also thank the drivers Mr Sully and Miss Heloise for their services, warmth and friendship. They were the best drivers, guides and friends one could have from that beautiful country of yours. Keep up with the good work. I wish you all the very best for the future. And i hope to be back to your mesmering Island soon. Thank you.
Our trip was prepared with the help of Travel Agency Horizon Réunion who understood what our needs were. Everything was done as desired and planned, both the B & Bs and the hotels were up to the situation. A great thank you to Horizon and especially to Clement. I would not rule out going back with another group in the future.
We had a wonderful time in "Reunion". I had not assumed much and therefore had not considered this as part of our trip. But all that has changed. This daily excursion was an amazing experience. Wish we could have spent a few more days there. Definitely sometime in the future we will come there! Jean-Louis our driver guide was amazing. He made the trip eventful. We had an amazing picnic in the 'skies' with great Creole food. Unforgettable :) Please do thank him once again on our behalf.
Dear Audrey, we're back in Singapore after our lovely trip to Reunion Island. We'd like to thank yourself, Caroline and our guide Louis for making the trip so seamless. The hotel (Dina Morgabine) that was arranged for us was up to our expectations and we were extremely satisfied with the itinerary (though we wished we had a couple more days to explore more of your beautiful island!). Thank you for ensuring we arrived safely on 11 April and your welcome message was very thoughtful. Louis, our guide was extremely knowledgeable and he ensured we had sufficient time to take photos without rushing us from one point to another. Also as importantly, he was a very safe driver. Thank you once again for the opportunity to see your beautiful island and its people. Best Regards, Yanxin
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